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Friday Trainings Series

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The Michigan Play Therapy Training Academy offers workshops on a variety of play therapy topics.  These 2023 workshops are ALL ONLINE AND LIVE.  Sign up for one workshop ... or a whole series. Register for what works best for YOU.

The trainings will follow APT's guidelines for live webinar trainings ... which means the workshop will be live and interactive, there will be no more than 40 participants, cameras must be kept on, and each workshop will include a post-test for attendees that must be taken and passed to earn the live webinar training hours within 2 weeks of the training.

If you are just starting to learn about play therapy it is recommended that you start at the beginning of the series, as some workshops build upon each other.  However, it is not required to attend the workshops sequentially.


 All trainings are taught by Laura Hutchison, PsyD, LP, RPT/S 

(APT Approved Provider 15-407).


all workshops are ONLINE, LIVE, and in Eastern Standard Time

for more details about each training, click on the title!

Register for

trainings individually

or as a bundle

(and save) 

most workshops are $20/hr

2 hr = $40, 3 hr = $60, 6 hr = $120

Buy a BUNDLE of all ALL 22 trainings (12 Fridays), a total of 60 live webinar instruction hours for APT = $1150

* a $60 savings! *



Webinar Training Series  

One Friday every month join me virtually for a day of Play Therapy Learning & Fun

(click on the course name for full description & learning objectives)

1/20/2023        10am-12pm               The Importance of Play & Foundations of Play Therapy (2 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

1/20/2023         1pm-3pm                  Play Therapy Experience: Connections to Childhood (2 LIVE WEBINAR, 1 non contact)

2/17/2023         9am-12pm                 Play Therapy Sample Platter: Overview of the Models (3 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

2/17/2023      1pm-4pm                  Creating Space for Play: IRL & Virtual (3 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

3/17/2023      9am-12pm                Non-Directive Play Therapy Skills (3 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

3/17/2023     1pm-4pm                   Working with Families in Play Therapy (3 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

4/14/2023      9am-12pm                Intro to Adlerian Play Therapy (3 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

4/14/2023        1pm-3pm                Lifestyle Assessment (Adlerian Play Therapy Case Conceptualization ) (2 LIVE WEBINAR hours)


5/19/2023      9am-4pm                  Sensory Systems, Polyvagal Theory, & Co-Regulation in Play Therapy (6 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

6/9/2023       10am-12pm               Development & Identity in Play Therapy (2 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

6/9/2023         1pm-4pm                    Self-Concept: Helping Kids Learn about themselves in Play Therapy (3 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

7/14/2023      10am-12pm                  Feeling Activities: Emotional Identification and Regulation in Play Therapy (2 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

7/14/2023      1pm-3pm                     Chill Out!: Play Therapy Strategies to Cope with Big Feelings (2 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

8/11/2023       10am-12pm                 Helping Kids with Angry Feelings through Play Therapy (2 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

8/11/2023       1pm-3pm                    Worry Wonders: Play Therapy to Tame Anxiety (2 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

9/15/2023      10am-12pm                 Confidence Corner: Helping Kids Raise their Self-Esteem through Play Therapy (2 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

9/15/2023      1pm-3pm                     Why Can't We Be Friends?: Social Navigation in Play Therapy (2 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

10/20/2023   10am-12pm                   Intro to Sandtray Play Therapy (2 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

10/20/2023   1pm-5pm                   Game On: Using & Creating Games in Play Therapy (4 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

11/10/2023    9am-4pm                       Putting It All Together: Play Therapy Treatment Planning (6 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

12/8/2023  10am-12pm                       Greatest Mistakes in Play Therapy (2 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

12/8/2023   1pm-3pm                         Battling Burnout: Effective Moments in Play Therapy (2 LIVE WEBINAR hours)

Continuing Education for Play Therapy

The Michigan Play Therapy Training Academy is  approved by the Association for Play Therapy to sponsor continuing education specific to play therapy and  maintains responsibility for the program.  APT Approved Provider 15-407.  

Full attendance is  required.   Continuing education verification is handed out to participants following the training.   If you have questions regarding continuing education, learning objectives, agenda, grievance issues please contact Laura Hutchison at     


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