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This is a recorded workshop.  All trainings are taught by Laura Hutchison, PsyD, LP, RPT-S 

(APT Approved Provider 15-407).

This presentation is for beginning play therapists.  It will begin by looking at  materials/toys are needed in a non-directive play therapy room, how to set up a play room, maintenance, as well as places you can obtain the items.  Alternative options to having dedicated play therapy rooms will also be addressed (such as flexible space and play therapy boxes/bags for portable play therapy "rooms"). In addition it will cover working virtually with clients through TeleHealth. First, we'll look at the different documents and policies that are recommended for doing play therapy with clients through online based platforms. It will then cover how to create virtual play therapy rooms using Google Slides and creating links to several online and printable activities. It will cover on how to use the virtual playroom with face-to-face play therapy clients, as well.


1 Identify what types of toys are needed a "in real life" (IRL) play therapy room.

2. Identify resources for acquisition of appropriate toys for the play room.

3. Identify alternatives to having a dedicated play therapy room.

4. Identify ways to appropriate care for and maintain a play therapy room.

5. Identify what accommodations need to be made for virtual/online play therapy.

6. Demonstrate the ability to create virtual playrooms

7. Identify at least 5 types of activities to link in virtual play rooms.

falls under APT's primary instruction areas of  "Play Therapy Skills or Methods"


Continuing Education for Play Therapy

The Michigan Play Therapy Training Academy is  approved by the Association for Play Therapy to sponsor continuing education specific to play therapy and  maintains responsibility for the program.  APT Approved Provider 15-407.  

Full attendance is  required.   Continuing education verification is handed out to participants following the training.   If you have questions regarding continuing education, learning objectives, agenda, grievance issues please contact Laura Hutchison at     


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