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April 12, 2024

9am-4pm EST


This 2024 workshop is ONLINE, LIVE, AND MEETS THE SPECIALIZED CONDITIONS SET FORTH BY APT.  All trainings are taught by Laura Hutchison, PsyD, LP, RPT-S 

(APT Approved Provider 15-407).


This 6 hour workshop will focus on the importance of the play therapist's understanding of how neuroscience can elevate our understandings of our client's and their behaviors. It will emphasize the importance of healthy attachments and ways to improve the relationships in our clients lives. Additionally, the seven senses will be reviewed, as well an exploration of sensory integration and the impact of dysregulation.  To help illustrate these points sensory play will be explained and we will talk about how to implement sensory play into one's play therapy practice.


Furthermore, the workshop will highlight emotional regulation. It will look at the central nervous system and how we detect threats. It will define out the highly controversial polyvagal theory and sift out out what parts of the theory are backed by the field of neuroscience, as well as what parts are the most beneficial to helping our play therapy clients. We will review co-regulation strategies, the window of tolerance, and zones of regulation- as well as learn play therapy techniques to implement the knowledge into practice.


  • State why healthy attachments are necessary for play therapy clients.

  • State the 3 different areas of the nervous symptom for polyvagal theory.

  • Identify the reasons why the use of polyvagal theory in play therapy is controversial

  • Define sensory play.

  • Identify materials that can be used in sensory play therapy.

  • Identify what populations to use sensory play therapy with, and understand what treatment issues will be addressed in utilizing these play therapy techniques.

  • Define co-regulation and identify its importance in play therapy.

falls under APT's primary instruction area of "Play Therapy Skills & Methods"

Continuing Education for Play Therapy

The Michigan Play Therapy Training Academy is  approved by the Association for Play Therapy to sponsor continuing education specific to play therapy and  maintains responsibility for the program.  APT Approved Provider 15-407.  

Full attendance is  required.   Continuing education verification is handed out to participants following the training.   If you have questions regarding continuing education, learning objectives, agenda, grievance issues please contact Laura Hutchison at     



  • All cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. Participants will be given a credit towards a future training to be used within 2 years of the original training date (no cash refunds).

  • No shows or missed trainings will receive no refund or credit.  You may send another attendee in your place.

  • No partial CE credit is available.

  • All trainings are subject to sufficient registration.

  • Should the Michigan Play Therapy Training Academy need to cancel a training we will make every attempt to notify paid registrants in a timely manner.  All paid registrants will receive a full refund.

  • Michigan Play Therapy Training Academy only assumes liability for the registration portion of any training.  All other costs are the responsibility of the registrant.

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